MasterServ transforms your floors with the newest and best high-performance coatings on the planet!

Transform your tile, concrete, VCT, terrazzo, or stone floor or outdoor surface to a modern, easy-to-maintain, beautiful, long-lasting surface.  Installed floors with our coatings are in their 5th year with no maintenance other than dust- and hot water mopping!


Analyze your floor to make sure you'll get the professional results you expect.

Pre-treat with custom environmentally safe solutions that free up soil, grime, oils, and bacteria.

Apply our unmatched cleaning technology, with  high-pressure, hot water.  Up to 2500 psi and 260 degrees!

Vacuum everything out - - the water, the soil, the grime, the oils - - to our equipment for safe disposal.

Coat and/or Seal the floor or other surface for long-lasting beauty and easy cleaning without harsh chemicals!

Residential and Commercial

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  • Your floors are restored and look new again
  • Oil, grease/grime, dirt vanish with our process
  • Green and EPA-friendly solutions/chemicals
  • Insured, Certified
  • Scheduled and customized maintenance programs
  • Our work is guaranteed and your floors look amazing
  • Best-trained technicians in the industry!
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Patented Technology

  • The most advanced High Performance Coatings available!  See bottom left photo for Before and After MasterServ Inc Coating!

MasterServ Inc

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