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Tom and Gail Andrews

After a long business search including a number of franchise awards with top-performing companies, Tom and Gail Andrews decided to start MasterServ Inc, focusing on high-performance cleaning and coating technologies.  Transformation is powerful.  MasterServ Inc transforms your floors and other hard surfaces into beautiful, east-to-maintain, odor-free surfaces that literally last for years. 

No, we're not new to business or health industries.  Tom spent 32 years at Xerox Corporation including stints as a National Quality Manager and Region Manager of Services, then served as CEO of a local Goodwill organization where his leadership fueled spectacular financial growth and served thousands of people looking for a hand up in life.  Gail is a career nurse with experience and competencies in many areas of practice.

Together we commit to providing long-lasting, proven solutions to replace labor-intensive, expensive, processes that have to be repeated over and over, indefinitely. 

For example, we replace:

  • Ceramic tile restroom problems like bad odors, high contamination, and grimy grout lines with coatings that form a membrane over tile and grout, eliminating odors and contamination, preserving the grout, and eliminating the need for strong cleaning chemicals.
  • Entry and Cash/Wrap appearance from soiled grout and unsightly buildup on tile to sparkling, inviting surfaces for your customers and employees to enjoy.
  • On VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), strip/wax/buff/burnish process, labor, and expense to a shiny surface lasting 3-5 years before re-coating.  This surface only needs dust mopping and hot water mopping with a microfiber mop!
  • Smudged and fingerprinted bare metal surfaces like stainless steel and aluminum to clear, non-yellowing, coated surfaces that last for years and years!
  • Graffiti-prone surfaces with Anti-Graffiti-coated surfaces where graffiti simply wipes off, with no sacrifice of the wall, floor, or walkway.
  • Faded, oxidized painted surfaces with brilliant, shiny UV-protected surfaces by simply coating the oxidization. 

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