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Over time the preference for floor surfaces has changed.  At one time, most floors were either natural or hard surfaces.  For example, it was not unusual to have a wood floor.  One of the major problems was the winter.  A person would get out of a warm bed only to put their feet on a cold floor.  This was an unpleasant experience. For centuries people used various types and sizes of rugs, from animal skins to coarsely-woven mats, to fine Persian rugs. 

Later on there was the appearance of carpet.  The wall-to-wall carpet market exploded in the 1950s, from 6 million square yards in 1951 to 400 million square yards in 1968.  This was a great improvement in most American homes.  Not only was carpet warmer in the winter than hard wood floors.  It came in colors that allow people to pick out a color schema for that room.  People were happy for the change. See

The problems with carpet were the processes of maintaining its appearance and cleaning it.  Hard floors had been easier to get and to keep clean.  Carpets on the other hand seemed to attract dirt and not let it go.  The vacuum cleaner industry grew along with carpet’s popularity.  People tried everything to clean their carpets better, but carpets continued to get and stay dirty.

A major breakthrough in cleaning carpet came with the water and soap extraction system.  First comes thorough vacuuming, then a cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet.  Then comes hot water rinse, agitation, and finally, a wet vacuum system sucks up the dirt, cleaning solution, and water, removing it completely from your home or office.

This is the proven best method of cleaning carpet.  New technology in agitation, rinsing, and extraction makes it possible to remove nearly all the dirt from your carpets.  MasterServ has the latest, greatest technology and equipment and factory-trained technicians to ensure your carpet receives the best and most effective treatment.   

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