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MasterServ Inc has the very best hard surface extraction equipment available anywhere!  With our Sapphire 870 TruckMount powered by a Ford Fiesta engine, we generate sustained 260-degree hot water at 2400 psi with huge vacuum volume.  In other words, your business location can rely on MasterServ Inc to be ready anytime for not only the best factory training, the latest technology, the best environmentally-safe solutions, but also the finest equipment available in the world.  Take a look at videos below of recent jobs where our customers were delighted!  Or, simply visit our YouTube channel:  search in YouTube for MasterServ Inc!

At the left is a polished concrete floor in a huge retailer's busy 24-hour store.  They thought they could never get this floor cleaned.  MasterServ to the rescue!  Took us 5 nights to clean the floors in this 60,000 sq ft building!

To the right is a video of a Dental office hallway.  Frankly, when we arrived at this job we thought it was really clean.  So, take a look at how MasterServ makes a clean environment sparkle!

This dentist was thrilled with the finished job.  We cleaned his tile and grout, sealed the grout with a long-lasting professional commercial sealer, and cleaned his commercial carpet with our Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700, the most powerful, gentle, and effective carpet extraction machine available in the market today!

Even hospitals appreciate MasterServ Inc's technology, equipment, training, and green solutions.  That's environmentally-friendly-green!  See how the floor regains its beauty as our equipment and operator do their magic in the Main Entry to this prestigious hospital!

The floor to the right is a Men's Restroom in a huge 24-hour retailer's busy store.  The manager on duty when MasterServ Inc cleaned all 4 restrooms said he'd been at that store 13 years and had never seen the floors cleaned like this.  

Not an uncommon reaction.  Employees stop by to tell us the rooms we clean even smell differently than before.  There's something about your message to customers, employees, and to yourself when you invest in deep cleaning and get results like this.

Here's something else to remember:  if you're not satisfied, you don't pay.  It's that simple.  Ask me and I'll provide references who'll tell you that's exactly the way we do business at MasterServ!


What a job this was!  The appearance of this floor was transformed.  The next morning after we cleaned it, the Director of Nurses at the hospital asked the Director of Housekeeping how he was able to replace the tile in the restroom overnight.

This is the Executive Men's Restroom at a large, prestigious hospital. 

MasterServ Inc is able to transform your hard surfaces too! 

Here's a beautiful 20 to 25-year-old flagstone courtyard/patio that suffered with heavy use, remnants of foliage decay, mildew, and other effects of age.  The owner tried everything including a broom with detergent and had given up until MasterServ Inc arrived.  After cleaning and sealing an elegant slate floor inside, we were asked to take a look at the flagstone outside.  See for yourself whether MasterServ Inc can make a differenc in your patio or courtyard.