Concrete Sealants and Coatings

MasterServ Inc Coatings can be applied onto bare concrete or other masonry surfaces, such as brick, pavers, decorative stone, stucco or concrete/polymer blends. These product finishes can be used for either interior or exterior surfaces and MasterServ Inc Coatings has products designed for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment

For concrete type surfaces where graffiti is a problem, MasterServ Inc Coatings has a high-performance Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment. This clear, inorganic, cross-link cured product is a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. Its tightly knit film structure will not allow penetration of common graffiti material, so it lifts more easily from the surface.

Concrete Clear Waterproofing Sealer

MasterServ Inc Coatings Sealer penetrates deeply into concrete surfaces and effectively fills the concrete capillaries against water vapor penetration. This inorganic sealer will not saponify.

MasterServ Inc Coatings Sealer is designed to be applied prior to the application of MasterServ Inc Coatings Concrete Clear Treatment, as part of a complete system. When used as a sealer/finish system on concrete type horizontal surfaces, these products provide maximum abrasion, ablation and chemical resistance properties. Both the Sealer and the Gloss Finishing Treatment can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Concrete Coatings

  • MasterServ Inc Coatings Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment
  • MasterServ Inc Coatings Concrete Clear Waterproofing Sealer
  • MasterServ Inc Coatings Concrete Clear Gloss Treatment
  • MasterServ Inc Coatings Silane / Siloxane Clear Water Repellent
  • MasterServ Inc Coatings Clear Masonry Water & Stain Repellent