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No one wants their driveway to look used, dingy, or dirty.  Tire marks, oil, or grease spots lend to a dirty, unkempt appearance.  This says to anyone who takes a look, that the owner may not have pride in ownership.  It’s like someone not mowing their lawn.  No one comments about the owner’s inability to mow lawn; everyone assumes the owner has the ability to mow their lawn but chooses to not mow it.  Those looking at the situation assume a lack of pride, so it is not a big leap to think that folks might think a person with a dirty or stained driveway would similarly have a lack of pride in their home and in their other possessions.

Truth is, many people can mow their own lawns, but choose not to.  They don't let their lawn grow wild, they hire a professional lawn service.  People don’t talk bad about them because they hire a professional lawn service, everyone just wants the lawn mowed.  Cleaning your driveway is somewhat the same.  People just want to see a clean driveway.  They don’t care if someone else did it, they just like the look of a clean driveway and it assures them that the owner has pride in ownership.

The great thing about pride in ownership is that it is catchable.  Once one person or family has a clean driveway, then it becomes the norm as others notice and act.  Once someone else sees it’s possible to have a clean driveway, then they’re often compelled to have a clean one themselves.  The result is we have a clean driveway community.

MasterServ Inc has the tools, equipment, training, and technology to clean concrete driveways like no one else.  Have you ever noticed how at many shopping centers, even newer ones, the concrete is slightly ‘dug out’ where a power washer blasted away at a blob of chewing gum?  The very top layer of good concrete is often referred to as ‘cream’ and it’s important that whoever cleans your concrete can remove the soil, grease, and grime without damaging the ‘cream’, or the finished top layer of your concrete surface.

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