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It is always a challenge to control the cleanliness of your living space. Once you open your door to everyday life the mess has a way of getting in the door; you don’t invite the dirt in but, before you know it, your lovely, clean living area has changed into a place that collects dirt. The more you try, the more it seems like you are moving backwards. It becomes a never ending battle.

To start your attack on dirt, you need to look at how the dirt is getting into your house. If you are not making an effort to deal with the amount of dirt entering your house, then the battle has already been lost.  It is very important to examine your entry ways to see if you are discouraging the entry of dirt.

Much of your home’s dirt is tracked in by people simply walking in and out of your house. A simple rug or mat at the entrance of your house can make all the difference.  Placing a mat at the front of your entry way is a simple and indirect way of saying you’re making an effort to keep the house clean.

It is also important to inspect your house, once you place your mats on the outside. Does the house seem cleaner or is the house’s cleanliness at the same level?  By controlling the entrance of the dirt many times this takes care of the biggest part of the problem. Other times stopping the dirt at the main entrance of your house it not enough and you have to ensure that all other entry ways into the house aren’t places someone can pick up and carry that dirt into the house.  Taking the time to ensure your entry ways are clean can make all the difference in the world.  Think back door, side door, sliding door, garage or carport-to-kitchen, kitchen to the rest of the house, and so on.  When we stop the movement of dirt from the entry way into the rest of the house, then the level of dirt in the rest of the house declines.

Now that your soil source is better controlled, you’ll want to get your home’s floors deep-cleaned the way only professionals with the best technology and training can do.  

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