Healthy buildings, Healthy Floors,  Healthy People!

ETS180 is a state-of-the-art, flexible, clear, thin, water-based urethane coating that is designed for application on ceramic/porcelain tile and grout, VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), Sheet Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl, Linoleum and variations, and certain other solid surfaces.  ETS180 forms a membrane-type seal that locks out contaminants from tile or sheet goods, and is cleaned with a microfiber mop and hot water only - - no soap!  What could be cleaner?


Think about this:  'Grout is raw porous cement.  It doesn't belong in restrooms.'

(Bernie Frank, founder of American Cleaning Services)

And this:  'Infectious diseases travel on the floor.  It's their SuperHighway!' 

(Mark Warner, Infectious Disease Specialist)

What is costing you money?

Allergic Symptoms and/or Asthma are triggered by outdoor and indoor irritants. 

Many people don’t know that the air indoors can be even more polluted and harmful than the air outside. Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors. Indoor air can be filled with asthma triggers like dust mites, molds, cockroach allergen, and household or industrial chemical irritants.'  (American Lung Association)

Buffing/Burnishing/Stripping waxed floors releases significant amounts of particles into the air with every revolution of the machine against the floor.

ETS180 is Green and Sustainable!

  ~“While green has an intense but limited focus on reducing negative impacts on health and the environment, sustainability goes far beyond this.” 

(Steve Ashkin, Executive Director, Green Cleaning Network)

ETS180 is:

- Healthy, with antimicrobial properties and since it's not porous, it contributes to cleaner air!

- Durable, Chemical-Resistant, and requires no stripping, buffing, or burnishing.  That means fewer particles and chemicals released into indoor air!

- Safe, with high slip resistance and it also enables reducedcontamination!

- Eco-friendly, with Zero VOCs and is Sustainable, or provides a long-lasting solution!

Customer Testimonials

“ After the initial application of ETS180 , we experienced a positive return on our investment within 10 months.”  (Joe Ahner, Facilities Operations Manager, Mille Lacs County, MN)

“ Riverwood Healthcare has saved labor and time by taking advantage of ETS Health’s experience and installation of their ETS180 floor coating.”  (Jeff Bare, Facilities Manager, Riverwood Healthcare)

“ I am a firm believer in the ETS180 floor coating and would recommend every school district to install it.”  (Bryan Brown, Facilities Director, St. Cloud School District)