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Talk about, “I do not want to hear about it” - - - I have just brought up garage floors.  Talk about a subject that no one wants to talk about, that’s garage floors.  Many well meaning men and women have tried and failed when it came to garage floors. 

They wanted to do a great job and clean their garage floors to the level of being able to eat off of it, but when the smoke cleared their garage floors still had oil spots and gasoline spots.  And to top it off, they moved everything out of the garage so spray from the hose or power washer wouldn’t damage anything.  Probably got a few stains on the walls in the process. 

Many people wish for the stains on their garage floors to go away.  These folks have spent hours on their spot removal only to see their efforts fail.  It is a “Wow” moment when those spots go away.  Having someone put the right cleaning solution on the spots and then use the right cleaning instrument is next to magical.  The look of clean concrete on a garage floor puts a bounce in the step of a man who wants a clean surface, the biggest step to an overall clean environment.

It is interesting to see the attitude change of a person with a freshly-cleaned garage floor.  It’s a new day!  Often a person has to invest in a freshly-poured or newly-installed floor to see a different look.  This is not the way of the future - - - clean is the new way!  You can work in your garage, get whatever all over your garage floor, get your floor cleaned, and start all over.  No one has to look at a dirty floor that can’t be cleaned any more!

MasterServ Inc’s technology, equipment, and factory-trained technicians can clean your garage floor like it hasn’t been since it was new.  Some stains may never go away, but MasterServ Inc will dramatically improve your garage floor’s overall appearance and leave the floor clean. 

The best part, though, is you don’t have to worry about overspray from a hose-end sprayer or a power washer, so there’s no need to move everything out and no need to squeegee, either!  Just move items away from the area you want cleaned.  MasterServ Inc equipment can apply up to 3,000 PSI of hot water at over 200 degrees, under a dome, and vacuum the dirt, grease, and grime out with the hot water and cleaning solution into MasterServ’s equipment, then out as harmless gray water that’s beneficial to the environment. 

Call 915-474-1190 Today for a Free, No-Obligation Demonstration!