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One of the most overlooked areas in the house is the hallways.  Hallways connect most areas in your house and can make a negative statement about your house without you even knowing it.  When someone’s hallways are clean and bright, they make a statement about the rest of the house.

The most overlooked areas when cleaning your hallways are the edges.  People seem to spend a great amount of time on the center of the hallways, but they don’t realize that many times they are moving the dirt from one edge of one hallway to the next, or around a door jam into a room.   For carpeted hallways, often times the vacuum tool can’t reach the very edge so it simply goes without being cleaned.

When focusing on the hallway, make sure the edges are properly cleaned.  Effort spent to create a totally clean area can make all the difference in the world.  When edges of the hallways are cared for, there will be less of a noticeable worn path, and soil buildup on the edges of your hallway will be a thing of the past.

A clean and even colored hallway makes a good impression on your home.  A hallway should not stand out, but create a lovely transition from one room to another.  When hallways are properly cleaned, the likelihood that you’ll track dirt and grime into each room will decline.  The frequency of cleaning each room also declines because the amount of dirt that existed before the hallways were properly cleaned, is reduced. 

Regardless of the surface of your hallway’s floor, MasterServ Inc has the equipment, technology, and factory-trained technicians to clean it right and thoroughly. 

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