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Kitchen Floors

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WebMD lists the Kitchen Floor as the 10th highest-bacteria-count surface in our homes, at 830 bacteria per square inch.  That's for an average kitchen floor, though.

As you know, you can be sitting on a block of ice with your hair on fire and on the average, you're comfortable.

Ceramic Tile in the Kitchen

Apart from metal surfaces, ceramic tile is among the hardest surfaces in your kitchen.  It's glazed and fired to a very hard finish and is very resistant to most germs.  In porous unsealed grout lines though, bacteria can live luxuriously until MasterServ Inc arrives!  MasterServ cleans your tile and especially your grout, as close to new as you'll ever see.  Then we seal your grout lines so they are no longer porous but resistant to stains and unwelcome germs.  We even offer long-term guarantees on our sealer!

Natural Stone in the Kitchen

For your kitchen's travertine, marble, granite, slate, or other natural stone tile, MasterServ Inc's patented technology and skilled technicians are uniquely equipped to clean and seal your surfaces to the highest standards of cleanliness.  This process improves your tile's appearance, longevity, and meets manufacturers' requirements for warranties.  Once again, MasterServ Inc can guarantee its sealants so you'll be free from worry and confident your investment in your home's beauty is protected. 

Laminate in the Kitchen

Have you noticed how your beautiful laminate kitchen floor has lost its luster?  Although it may be worn, most likely it suffers from embedded dirt and grime.  MasterServ Inc has technology to remove that dirt and grime with a quiet, pleasant process that restores your laminate floor's appearance and your kitchen's health!

Wood Floors in the Kitchen

Wood floors in kitchens are becoming more commonplace with new long-lasting finishes like Mohawk's Aluminum Oxide Ceramica with warranties that were not available until now.  In luxurious grains of natural and manufactured wood floors, though, come opportunities for dirt, grime, oils, grease, and bacteria to hide.  MasterServ Inc offers technology to remove these contaminants, restoring your floor's beauty and increasing its life.  

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