Solutions For Any Floor… Anywhere

No matter the floor, the facility, or the application preference, Praetorian has a floor finish for you!


Finding solutions for your floor is our passion at Praetorian Protective Finishes, LLC.

Facilities Directors, building service contractors (BSC), specialized contractors, building owners, Praetorian can solve your floor care challenges

Praetorian has the best long term sustainable options or urethane floor finishes and top quality urethane removers.

Durable Value

Praetorian’s MightyOne HD , the premium ultra durable roll-on urethane, long lasting results with no burnishing

Use our mop-on urethane finishes, ALTUS Mop-On and SENTRY Mop-On , ease of application without sacrificing hand sanitizer resistance or durability.

Praetorian urethane floor finish solutions will reduce maintenance costs on floor care 30%, or more.  Increase your bottom line with real solutions.