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Taking care of your shower enclosure isn’t at the top of most people’s list.  Being able to have a shower enclosure that is clean and does not encourage bacteria growth is a great way to start out someone’s day.  Too often, though, lack of daily maintenance leaves the shower enclosure contaminated with mildew, fungus, or mold.  It is not only important to kill these bacteria and remove dirt, but to do it in a way that discourages the future growth of bacteria. 

So it’s not only about getting your shower enclosure clean.  Most people just use a little more elbow grease or a strong smelling cleaner.  The problem with this approach is much of the time it doesn’t work.  A shower enclosure may look clean, but without using the correct cleaning process, one never knows if the bacteria is destroyed, or if it’ll come back.

Listening to the voice of experience really makes a difference.  Confidence in knowing the people who clean for a living and will clean your shower enclosure the way you would if you could, is a good way to get peace of mind.  You know they’ve gone beyond the surface and resolved the problem at its core.

Many people don’t go the extra mile to maintain their shower enclosure.   When cleaning shower enclosures make sure that you are not taking the easy way, take the time to clean deep and you will clean fewer times while getting better results. 

For shower enclosures that are beyond your ability to clean, that are just too hard to clean, or even if you want to start out right with a brand new shower enclosure, call the professionals at MasterServ Inc.  We have equipment, technology, and factory-trained technicians who can clean your shower enclosure to your satisfaction.  Then we’ll seal the grout with the best anti-bacterial sealant available anywhere.

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