VCT (Vinyl VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), Sheet Vinyl, and Luxury Vinyl Coatings

Protect and Enhance

VCT coatings protect and enhance floors with superior results. They repair cracks and chips, save money by reducing maintenance, and add traction, safety, and light reflectivity.  By using our VCT coatings, you no longer have to wax and burnish!!  Elimination of the Strip/Wax/Buff/Burnish cycle greatly reduces your on-going maintenance and cleaning costs!  Ongoing dust-mopping and wet-mopping is still required, like in any housekeeping operation.

VCT coatings can help you make an impact on your facility’s overall image.  VCT coatings create a world-class impression with customers, visitors, partners, and prospective clients.

Create easy-to-maintain floors.  VCT coatings protect your floors from dust, dirt, chemicals, and traffic, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Specify the right solution the first time, every time. From the widest range of coating solutions, to the deepest base of technical knowledge, MasterServ Inc's Cleaning and Coating solutions deliver unsurpassed quality through an established reputation and unwavering support.

VCT Coating Applications

  • Warehousing and Distribution
    High-traffic areas demand a high-wear solution, and the heavy-wheeled nature of warehousing is ideal for high-traffic coatings systems
    • Loading docks
    • Main traffic aisles
    • Storage areas
  • Manufacturing
    The key flooring considerations for a manufacturing facility are abrasion resistance and slip-and-fall prevention. We offer Coating solutions that hold up well in the most abusive, punishing manufacturing environments.
    • Factories
    • Assembly lines
    • Loading docks
    • Machine shops
  • Aviation
    Highly image-conscious aviation facilities are involved with the storage and maintenance of aircraft, and typically need a high- gloss coating that is easy to clean and delivers high light reflectiv- ity. Chemical resistance to Skydrol® and jet fuel, slip resistance, and weight durability are critical.
    • Assembly areas
    • Hangars
    • Maintenance
    • Military bases
  • Commercial
    From automotive showrooms to clubhouse staging areas, we offer coating solutions that make a world-class impression with customers, visitors, partners, and prospective clients.
    • Auto dealerships
    • Retail outlets
    • Sporting facilities
    • Airport concourses
    • Hotel lobbies
  • Food and Beverage processing
    Meat and poultry processing plants are good examples of solvent-sensitive environments requiring a coating solution that delivers bacterial and thermal resistance.
    • Lockers
    • Chemical storage facilities
    • Pulp and paper
    • Bottling plants
    • Pharmaceutical
  • Institutional
    From schools with high foot traffic, to hospitals with high bacterial resistance standards, we offer coating solutions for institutions.
    • Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons
    • Kitchens
    • Schools
    • Sports facilities

Choices that make your VCT coating complete

  • Gloss
    A gloss coating delivers the highest visual impact, the best light reflec- tion, and the smoothest finish. It is not recommended for heavy-traffic areas
  • Color
    Custom colors are often selected to reflect personal tastes, to coordinate with a dominant facility color, or to hide poor substrate appearance. Tennant’s on-site lab can match almost any preferred color
  • Slip Resistance.
    Help protect against slip-and-fall accidents by choosing a coating or coating additive that increases traction. Silica and quartz are most popular.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Floors subject to toxic chemical spills, battery acid, or similar highly destructive acids require the special protection of our best chemical- resistant coatings.
  • Abrasion Resistance
    Heavy-wheeled traffic areas, aviation hangars, and other environments with extremely large and heavy equipment require an extremely durable topcoat.